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Appendix C
Sample Driving Courses

  1. Here is the Annotated Driving Course I created for Hiroshima Prefecture based off of the official map. The course has been the same for years and hopefully will remain so. The annotations were based upon my own experiences.

    Hiroshima Driving Course (JPG)

  2. Here is an excellently annotated driving course for Yamagata kindly sent by Jeremy from Yamagata Prefecture.

    Yamagata Driving Course (PDF)

  3. Here is the Yamanashi Driving Course map kindly sent by David from Yamanashi Prefecture. In Yamanashi, one of three courses is chosen for you at random when you take the test. All three are shown here.

    Yamanashi Driving Course (PDF)

  4. Here is the Saitama Driving Course map in Konosu city kindly sent by Brian S in Saitama Prefecture.

    Konosu, Saitama Driving Course (JPG)

  5. Here is the Gifu Driving Course map kindly sent by Abbey from Gifu Prefecture.

    Gifu Driving Course (JPG)

  6. Here are some course maps I found online at some other sites. They are not annotated, but they are interesting to look at for comparison.

    Shiga Driving Course (GIF) This one, from the official prefectural site, only shows the layout of the course, not which way you must drive. Still interesting.

    Fukushima Driving Course (JPG)

    Shimane Driving Course B (JPG)

    I'd love to someday have all the prefectures.


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